Carpet Cleaning

Hampshire Carpet Cleaners

Carpets are one of the major investment that you want to keep looking their best and one of the hardest thing to keep cleaned.

There are major things that can happen to make the carpet looking unlearned,

  • Rainy day people walk in with their shoos on
  • Drinks  split on the carpet
  • Kids playing with liquids and make marks on the carpet
  • Shoe wax split on the carpet

You might have no time to shampoo your carpet. So, why don’t call us to make your life easier?

How can we look after your carpet?

  • We can provide your carpet a Pre Vacuum Cleaning
  • We can remove specific places with stain in your carpet
  • we can provide you with Pre conditioning

Contact us now for a free assessment on our carpet, call us on 02392 862132 simply fill out our quick enquiry form by the side of this page.