Domestic Cleaning

Portsmouth Regular House Cleaners.

Diyo Cleaners specialise in regular house cleaning and privet household maintenance for people with busy routines. Our expert cleaners understand how hard it is to handle a busy life with work and house hold works. After come back from a busy day at work the last thing you need to do is start cleaning your house. Imagine how you feel when you come back from a busy day at work  and your house is cleaned just as you like. This will help you to get the rest that you disserve and go back to work next day with a fresh mind.

Diyo Cleaners has experienced cleaning maids with checked background and recommendations for your regular house cleaning.

Under regular house cleaning we provide;



Carpet and wooden floor cleaning

Furniture Cleaning (Sofas, Cupboards, Wardrobes, including doors and doorframes)

Sweeping and Moping

Wall Cleaning

Window Cleaning